Stabbing pain, burning pain, swelling pain, aching pain, the description of pain in words is limited.
Words cannot make others feel pain.

Some physical pain may be temporary, but chronic pain is eternal and enigmatic.
As it may not find its cause, it appears and disappears in the body at times.
It even enters your consciousness and invades your dreams.

Chronic pain is about the physical body of the sick body
But is not isolated from the pain of the individual patient.

The pain is multiple and surrounds the chronic pain patient.
In interaction with the outside world, the entangled relationships that weave this pain.
Chronic pain is socially constructed.

My pain is trapped in the enigma of time.
I try to find a cure.
In the darkness, I saw a flickering fire.
It was a cocoon of glowing fire.
I saw myself naked in a blaze of fire.

I cried out, "Who built this cocoon for me, and who lit the flame?
Crackle… crackle… instant flame engulfed the thick cocoon, the

The mystery is revealed…