Post-Destination seeks to establish a concern for the entanglement between humans and non-humans, the ethics of artificial intelligence. We find ourselves increasingly dependent on AI, and algorithms. Invisibly, we have become emotionally attached to them. We should find a healthy way to live with AI, even if the AI has its consciousness. It is easy to be afraid of AI, but we neglect to think, might they be afraid of us?
Co-curator: Claire Breach 

The experimental film

The Interactive virtual  world

This world we created is neither utopian nor dystopian, serving as a liminal crack between the virtual and real. We named it Post-Destination, raising issues for the destination of Google and the destination of our society. What will the future look like? There is no answer now. What is the relationship between humans and AI? "Unknown".

Click this link to the Post- Destination world, hope you will enjoy the trip :)