Act Heterosex

"Act Heterosex" is an experimental digital short film unfolding through the perspective of a first-person player in the gaming world. The narrative explores the impactful struggles faced by China's young LGBTQ+ community, dealing with intense pressure and violence due to traditional heterosexual family expectations. Consequently, they are compelled to abandon their true sexual orientation in favour of conforming to heterosexual relationships. Within the portrayed societal context, queer individuals find themselves coerced into marriages and parenthood, with the expectation of upholding the family lineage to be seen as dutiful children in the eyes of their parents.

This project seeks to expose the deteriorating living conditions and unimaginable challenges faced by China's queer community. It aims to spotlight mental, physical health, and survival issues in the young queer community through a tragic, ironic narrative.

Queer  Paradise
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